These taped recordings are of my two grandfathers, telling stories of their earlier years. Russ McMullin

"Let a record be made of the men and things of today, lest they pass out of memory tomorrow and are lost. Then perpetuate them, not upon wood or stone that crumble to dust, but upon paper, chronicled in picture and in words that endure forever." -Kirtland

Lloyd W. Young

Lloyd Young
audio histories

Various conversations with Grandpa Young

These recordings were done at different times.

Oscar Lynn McMullin

Oscar Lynn McMullin
audio history

Trips between Southern Utah and Arizona

These audio files are from a taped recording my father made of my grandfather in 1970. My grandfather gives the details of two trips he had made from Leeds, Utah to Clay Springs, Arizona. The first was in December of 1924, traveling in a truck.The second story is a similar trip in April of 1925, this time in a wagon.